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Do you have questions for Ijaz?

Not sure how to approach a crypto/financial related challenge that’s bothering you. This service is for You!
This is a private conversation with Ijaz Awan over the phone. Learn from over a decade of investing and trading experience & cut out the trial and error.
15min is good for a quick question, chat. Nothing complicated. My assistant will cut you off!
Bigger more involved questions will need a 30/60min session.
Perfect for a gift!Not for promotional videos or interviews.
Email: [email protected] with payment confirmation and my assistant will arrange a mutually suitable time

Perfect for a quick fire few questions you may have which are holding you back

Instead of pondering it for months, wasting time, get some direction and keep it moving!

Perfect for somebody looking to work on a weakness in their Crypto knowledge

-Need help with executing trades?

-Chart patterns?

-Building a portfolio?

This 30min slot will get you tailored guidance on how to level up

A deeper dive call for more challenging problems or queries.

Find yourself in a crypto hole/mess?

Need to rebuild your portfolio from the ground up?

Completely new to crypto and don’t know where to start and need a crash course?

This one is for you.